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The Miracle in The Seed


Product Information

The Miracle in the Seed

By: Harun Yahya

Pages: 144

Cover: p/b

By: Millat books centre, New Delhi.India.

Have you thought in detail about the fruit trees in your gardens, the pine forest you see from your window, or the plane trees lining the road you drive? Do you know how these plants appeared, and the stages they underwent before growing into mature trees? Or do plants have a purely aesthetic meaning for you, and it doesn’t really matter to you whether or not they exist? If you think that way, you are deceiving yourself, because it’s largely due to plants that there is an adequate balance of oxygen in the atmosphere that enables you to breathe, and that you are not poisoned by excessive carbon dioxide, that the humidity of the air seldom reaches uncomfortable levels, and is neither too hot nor too cold. That is to say, you owe a great deal to plants for being able to lead a comfortable life. Nor are these the only ways in which plants are useful to most living creatures. In plants are found the vitamins and minerals you need in order to live.

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