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Ashara Mubashara


Ten Companions, who were Promised for Paradise By: Muhammad Iqbal Siddiqi “Do not rebuke my Companions. If some one of you spends as much gold as the Uhud, he will not reach (the Reward of) one ‘mud’ (a small dry measure) of anyone of them, nor half of it.” (Mishkaat). This book has a short life history of those ten fortunate Companions Asharah Mubashsharah, who were declared during the lifetime by The Holy Prophet (SAW) that they would dwell in Paradise after their death. They are Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, Ali, Abdur Rahman bin Auf, Talha, Zubair bin Al-Awaam, Said bin Zaid, Abu Ubaidah bin Jarrah and Sad bin Abi Waqqas. (Raz)

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