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Nafhat Al Rahmah Min Hadeeth al rahma Al Musalsal bil awlawiyaah


نفحات الرحمة*
*من حديث الرحمة المسلسل بالأولية*

A detailed commentary in Arabic on the famous Hadith of Mercy ( _Hadith al-Rahmah_ ), which has the unique feature of being the first hadith to be narrated to students by their teachers.

Alongside a detailed discussion of the hadith, its meaning, variations in its wording, and the wisdom behind this being the first hadith to be imparted to students of the sacred hadith sciences, this unique work also explains the _musalsal_ category of hadith, to which the Hadith of Mercy belongs.

*Author:* Shaykh Yusuf Lorgat
(Madinatul Uloom, Kidderminster)
*Publisher:* Maktabah Darul Iman,

Hardback - 328 pages

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