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Malfoozaat (Statements of Mufti Mahmud Hasan)


Malfoozaat (Statements and anecdotes of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Mufti Mahmud Hasan Gangohi) - Volume 1

The practise of compiling the malfoozaat (statements) of the pious elders has continued for many years. Their writings and statements serve as substitutes for their company (suhbah) and gatherings.

This is a wonderful compilation of statements and anecdotes of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Mufti Mahmud Hasan Gangohi on various issues. A treasure trove full of rare and unique pearls, which cannot otherwise be found in a single place. Subjects covered in this volume are:

•Matters pertaning to the Qur'an
•Matters pertaning to the Hadeeth
•Fiqh (purity, salah, funerals, Zakat, fasting, Hajj, marriage & more)
•Miscellaneous academic issues
•Sulook and Tasawwuf
•Matters pertaning to the affairs of Madrasahs
•Tableeghi Jamaat
•Du'a (supplication)
Mufti Mahmud Hasan Gangohi was a leading student and authorised sucessor of Shaykh al-Hadith Mawlana Muhammad Zakariyya. He also served as Shaykh al-Hadith and Chief Mufti of Darul Ulum Deoband.

•Cover: Paperback

•Author: Compiled by Mufti Farooq Meeruti

•Publisher: Madrasah Taleemuddeen (Ispingo Beach)

•Pages: 582

•Size: 21 x 15 cm

•Weight: 755(Gram)

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