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The Memoir Of The Listener & The Speaker in the Training of TEAC


Drawing upon the vital link between the teacher and student, the author discusses different channels of knowledge with direct references to the Holy Quran and Sunnah and to the foregoing teachers. He also tells the reader how to get the maximum out of a book or a teacher.

The Manner in the light of above mentioned opinions of the scholars has this dignity and its excellences are not known, the need of the students to it and their hardship to follow it, which is either for shyness which prevent them from presence or the tyranny which creates in them aversion. This sort memoir for the teacher to remind him and for the student to inform him about his responsibility and which are common to the both. In this book guidelines on rules and regulations of the hostels both for the senior and the junior students.

The five chapters, which cover the objectives of the book:
1. On the excellence of knowledge and the scholar (and excellence of scholar and his offspring).
2. On the manners of the teacher, concerning himself, his students and his lesson.
3. On the conduct of the student; with himself, and his teacher, and his fellows and his lesson.
4. On the methods of consulting books and which concern to it.
5. On the manners of the hostels of the educational institutions, and which concerns to it.
Ibn Jama'ah places a high premium on personal and professional qualifications of the teacher, his main responsibility being the promotion of student welfare and advancement of knowledge. He must shun pride and arrogance, should meet people with a smiling face, help the needy and hold students in affection.
Each of the five chapters of the book is sub divided into a number of 'sections' and each section is loaded with considerable detail on the subject concerned as well as the supporting references from the Islamic educational tradition.

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