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Khojati Looloo Oleo Kalaun Black Seed Oil with Olives



Khojati Looloo Oleo Kalaun Black Seed Oil with Olives 50ml

Kalaunji (I. Nigella Sativa) is one of the mist valuable herbs known in nature.

It is known as "Habbatus Sauda" - the black seed or "Habbat al Barakah" - the blessed seed - in the Middle East due to its powerful healing qualities for many ailments. It is most famous for the saying of the Holy Prophet Mohammed (SWS) "Hold on to use of the black seed for it has a remedy for every illness except death."
Olive oil on the other hand is the main cooking medium of cooking for people in the Arabian peninsula.
The olive even gets a mention in the holy Quran (95:1)

Khojati and now presents a combination of these two in LOOLOO OLEO KALAUN - Kalaunji oil combined with the purest quality olive oil.

This oil contains the many healing characteristics of Kalaunji and olives and can be used for a various purposes like acne, nervous tension, healthy complexion, cardiac, gastric and skin ailments, sexual disorders and

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