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Lauki juice comes from bottle gourd vegetable. Lauki is 96.1% water, so is light on the stomach and aids digestion If you are on a low calorie diet, suffering from digestive problems, are diabetic or convalescing, then lauki juice is must for you as it is easily digestible and low in calories.

Sizes Available
480ml, 960ml
Bottle Guard / Lauki (Lagenaria Siceraria) Juice 96% (100% pure as nature intended)
Holy Basil / Tulsi Leaf Juice 2% (100% pure as nature intended)
Spearmint / Pudina Leaf Juice 2% (100% pure as nature intended)
Citric Acid (pH Stabilizer)
Less than 0.1% Sodium Benzoate
Less than 0.1% Potassium Sorbate
Health benefits of Lauki juice
Urinary disorders - Lauki juice taken daily can combat the burning sensation caused by the high acidity of urine. It can be had along with sulpha drugs to treat urinary infection as it acts as an alkaline diuretic.
Manage blood pressure - Lauki juice has high potassium content to manage blood pressure.
Weight Loss - Lauki juice is low in fat and cholesterol but provides high dietary fibre, helping weight loss.
Daily use:
Drink 60 ml daliy before meal. Enjoy Bottle Guard - Lauki Juice as it is or dilute it with water for a nutritious drink.

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