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AL Khair’s Miswak (Sewak) – For Natural Dental Care & Hygiene

The miswak, or sewak, is nature’s own tooth brush and has been used for centuries in Middle Eastern & African societies as a natural method for cleaning teeth and maintaining complete dental and oral hygiene.
The miswak has been recommended by the World Health Organization for its dental hygiene benefits and scientific research confirms its antibacterial and plaque fighting properties.
AL Khair’s Miswak
AL Khair’s miswak is made from the root of the peelu tree (salvadora persica) which is known in Arabic as the Arak tree. Our fine quality miswak comes in three exhilarating and mouth-freshening flavors:
Whichever flavor you prefer, each will equally help to whiten your teeth, strengthen your gums, eliminate bad odors and leave your mouth feeling fresh!
Benefits of Using Miswak
The benefits of using the miswak are too numerous to list here as they encompass many spiritual as well as physical benefits. However, a few important benefits are listed below.
Complete dental & oral hygiene – the miswak contains natural disinfectants and detergents for teeth cleaning, strengthening gums, eliminating odors, improving taste buds and freshening breath.Requires no toothpaste – simply take out your miswak and begin brushing. However, you can even use it with your favorite toothpaste as well.Easy to carry – you can carry your miswak in your pocket! Or you can keep it in a convenient miswak holder from AL-Khair.Natural oral hygiene – the natural bristle of AL Khair’s miswak is much more effective and user-friendly than the synthetic nylon bristles of regular toothbrushes.Spiritual benefits

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