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Oudh Hindi ( Top Grade ) 3ml


Agarwood oil, also known as Aloeswood and Oud oil, is the most precious aromatic substance on earth. Even though traditionally sought after in the Middle East, Far East and China, Oud oil still enjoys little attention in the West. There is a growing community of collectors and connoisseurs who consider Oud oil the most refined olfactory merchandise available anywhere. As of recently, several prominent perfumers are incorporating agarwood scents into their designer fragrances. But never in their pure, unadulterated form. Modern production methods have limited the market for pure Oud oil, where distillers are unable to offer the large quantities demanded without manipulating the process by introducing synthetics. Consequently, the market for Oud oil has become tainted by the proliferation of synthetics being sold as 'Agarwood oil', where in fact they hardly qualify.

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