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Trade Customers

Online trade order As we are Publisher for hundreds of books And Manufacturer for many Islamic Goods Accessories Thatís on our website, we are pleased to offer at best possible trade Rate to retailers And Syllabus Books to Islamic schools and Madrassas, Majority of Books published by us Including Quran Karim Various types of Quality Papers and Prints, Feel free to make your Order online, We can offer discount 20 to 35 % depending the size of your order, Please note This Trade offer is strictly to retailer and Islamic Schools and Madrasas only, Bulk1 £1000 35% Discount shop for £1350 Bulk2 £750 32 % Discount shop for £990 Bulk3 £500 30% Discount Shop for £650 Bulk4 £250 25% Discount shop for £312.50 Bulk5 £150 20% Discount shop for £180

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